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Improving hen welfare worldwide

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About Our Organisation

There are over 7 billion farmed egg-laying hens alive at any given time. These animals are being selectively bred for maximized egg production, with each egg laid requiring a significant amount of dietary input - particularly calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D. The depletion of these dietary minerals and vitamins leads to adverse health and poor welfare for the hens. Our background research indicates that many egg-laying hen feed standards are inadequate resulting in a major source of suffering for the hens via pain from bone fractures and osteoporosis. To solve this issue, the goal of our intervention is to reduce farmed hen suffering by supplementing their feed with calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D.

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What is animal feed fortification?

Each egg laid by a hen requires a huge amount of their biological input, with vitamins such as calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus playing a huge role. With hens now laying 10x the amount of eggs they are naturally designed to do, deficiency of these vitamins are prevalent amongst egg-laying hens. Hen feed fortification aims to solve this issue by adding a premix of optimal levels of nutrients that can be easily integrated into their regular feed. This will mitigate the adverse impact of depleted nutrients and improve their overall health and welfare.

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Why is it necessary to fortify the feed of egg-laying hens?

​​We believe animals are sentient beings that deserve happiness and comfort, just as humans do. By providing fortified feed, hens’ health will improve by having stronger and healthier bones. Without proper feed, hens will continue to live in constant pain and suffering.

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Our Theory of Change


Connect with farmers and mills

Identify farms with suboptimal feed standards and collaborate with mills to aim for high impact

Ensure  optimal nutrient levels

Increase nutrient levels to optimal and improve hen welfare effectively.

Improve Hen Health & 

Monitor and evaluate outcomes to ensure that optimal feed leads to target well-being

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Based on our initial estimates, we can achieve a great amount of impact cost-effectively by feed fortification. We rely on your support to bring this change about. You may choose to donate your time or your money to us.

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