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17-18 November 2023: Veterinarian Hen Welfare Training in partnership with
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Healthier Hens is proud to announce our upcoming free two-day veterinarian workshop on proper hen welfare and handling in concert with key collaborators: The University of Nairobi, leaders in animal welfare education, and Africa Network for Animal Welfare, leaders in promoting humane treatment of all animals in Kenya. The free training is aimed at supporting ongoing efforts to advance farmed animal welfare capacity in Kenya. On the first day, experts will introduce hen welfare, common issues, and the progress it has made in Kenya, as well as demonstrate proper handling and assessment. The second day will see experts touching on environment and early-life impact, good on-farm practices, and conduct post-mortem keel bone damage assessment, in addition to an on-farm assessment. The free workshop will be limited to 20 participants. This activity has been approved by the Kenya Veterinary Board (KVB) as a CPD activity earning 16 CPD points. To learn more about the workshop and how to apply, please read below:


Improve your egg-laying hen welfare assessment skills via this free two-day training led by veterinary experts.


Through our work on the ground, we have found that welfare assessment capacity improvements are needed. We intend to support knowledge and skill building activities in order to help parallel efforts intended to improve on-farm welfare. Through this work we hope providing an expert-led, two-day training workshop aimed at building up farmed animal welfare capacity in Kenya will help lead to improved hen welfare.


Facilitators and Agenda

The training will involve many experts including:

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Dr. Michael Toscano obtained a Ph.D. from Purdue University in the United States in 2006 where they sought to develop a multidiscipline means to assess hunger in swine. From there he continued to the University of Bristol in the UK where he investigated disease states within swine and poultry and their relationship to physiological and behavioral phenotypes. Most recently, Dr. Toscano's research focuses on bone fractures in laying hens, a topic he began at the University of Bristol and continue at his current post as Group Leader (Senior Scientist) of the Research Center for Proper Housing: Poultry and Rabbits (ZTHZ). 

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Dr. Joyce Maina is an Associate Professor at the University of Nairobi, Kenya, in the Department of Animal Production. She is an animal nutritionist, specialising in the nutrition of monogastric animals. Before joining the University of Nairobi, she worked with the Ministry of Agriculture as a District Extension Coordinator. She also worked with the Ministry of Livestock Development as a tutor at the Animal Health and Industry Training Institute (AHITI), Kabete, and as head of the Poultry Section in the Ministry.

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Dr. Oluwaseun Serah Iyasere obtained her first and second degrees from Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta Nigeria (FUNAAB). She obtained her PhD from Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom in 2014. She is a specialist in Animal Behaviour and Welfare and a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Animal Physiology, FUNAAB where she teaches courses in comparative animal behavior, environmental physiology, ethics in animal physiology research and animal welfare.

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Mia Fernyhough is the Global Animal Welfare Manager at The Humane League and is passionate about creating a more humane world for animals. 2+ years of global animal welfare management experience working with organizations like The Humane League, and RSPCA. BSc in Zoology from Swansea University and an MSc in Animal Biology and Welfare from Writtle University College. Dedicated to improving animal welfare standards.

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Dr. Victor Yamo is a qualified Veterinary Surgeon and Poultry expert trained at the University of Nairobi and the Dutch Animal Health Service, Deventer. He has over 25 years working experience in Veterinary services, Livestock Production Systems and Agribusiness having worked in various capacities for several regional organizations like Kenchic and consulted for international organizations like the Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) and European Union (EU). 

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Dr. Kikiope Oluwarore is a veterinarian with interrelated experiences in One Health & Animal Welfare programming, research, and nonprofit management. She is the Founder of One Health and Development Initiative (OHDI) and currently works with the WHO on One Health, Country Preparedness, and IHR in Nigeria.

To see the training agenda, follow this link.

Application Form

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